Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Skate Jam 2010

Casey's found a video of this Halloween skate jam at Inner Space Skatepark - somewhere in Seattle.
"Julio Losh, Alex Greenberg, Myles Gable, Bergen Hendrickson, James Humphreys, Alair Matsui, Coleman Farkas, Gnardo, Marshall Reid, Steve Klotz, Jordan Sanchez, Nate Lawson, Ryan Olson, Lysander Olson, Vance Valenti, Avery Bright, Michael Colangelo, Sean Christ, Ben Fernyhough, Ryan Merriam, David Perry, Bobby Dodd, Jason Rodriguez and more. (sorry if i forgot your name)
Additional filming by Wil Douglas." Video found at Have fun tonight, Lidl & G&Ts sell cheap fireworks.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Michael Mackrodt in Translations

Translations is an independent video by Patrik Wallner, put together in 2009. "After a year of filming skateboarding in various countries such as China, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, France, Korea, Thailand, Sweden, Singapore, United States, Poland, Hong Kong, Morocco and even Vietnam, Translations has been finally completed. It was not an easy talk to film skateboarding in unexplored environments and foreign cultures. Dealing with sketchy police officers in Morocco, food poisoning in Asia, searching for skateboarding spots on mopeds in Vietnam, was part of our everyday challenges while shooting for Translations." - This is Michael Mackrodt's part, a pro for Element skateboards. More about Michael at Video from

Friday, 29 October 2010

You Are Only Dreaming

"Footage and photos from two weeks in Melbourne with James Ahern, Quayde Baker and Phillip Marshall. Small appearances by some other kunst, including the notorious Sean Fenning." Song is Enya - Anywhere Is. Originally found at

Thursday, 28 October 2010

John Demar

John Demar on flow for Element. Originally found at